I like traveling

Автор yurus

I like traveling very much. I especially like to drive a car, because I can see any place that I like, go to any city and any country for as many days as I like.

Once I had a trip by car from Moscow to Paris and back. It was a long road, we drove 3 days to Paris and 3.5 days back, because we were going to the Netherlands. I drove almost all of Europe in my car, I was in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Paris, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Belarus.

Now I want to drive from Moscow to Portugal, but this road will be 4 days long. On the way, I note on the maps of cafes, where they cook deliciously, monuments, castles, museums, which I visited.

I always share my impressions on Google maps, so that people know where I recommend to stay, and where it is better not to call in. I love helping small businesses and mark new places on maps. Small business owners do not always know about Google maps, so sometimes they are afraid that I take a lot of pictures or look at me strangely. But I take a lot of photos in order to put them on Google maps and people have seen a lot of photos.

I made this website and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/autotraveling/) to celebrate all my travels and to tell people how best to go, where you can save or eat tasty food.